Conscious City

A Conscious City uses interoperable AI services embedded into urban designs to integrate the information necessary to understand the complex needs of its inhabitants.

Thus, it is a self-aware super-organism that learns the holistic profiles of its constituents and organizes itself to promote their prosperity.

From Smart Cities to Conscious Cities

Singularious proposes the Conscious City as the future paradigm in urban design to transcend the shortcomings of today’s Smart Cities.

A ‘smart city’ is an urban area equipped with an organized collection of digital and computational capabilities that urban planners leverage to improve city performance in selected areas, however smart cities suffer from the following deficiencies:

The smart city challenge

Embedding intelligence into urban design in an actionable manner to yield holistic results.

The smart city problem

Urban planners may find digital capabilities to be narrow or auxillary, with limited leveragability.

The smart city failure

Digital capabilities without systemic integration and interoperability fail to translate into improvements in urban value and citizen experience.

A Conscious City pulses with life and opportunities!

It weaves a social fabric that elevates the condition of its inhabitants, fostering the emergence of communities characterized by trust, amity, safety and reliability.

Greater than the sum of its component sub-systems, it understands its residents, attending to individual needs with precision and promoting collective prosperity in a consistent manner on the urban scale through systemic coordination.

From 4th to the 5th Industrial Revolution

It is the archetypal technology of the 5th Industrial Revolution which supersedes the ineffective and disengaged soft services of smart cities with humanized systems that employ comprehensive designs attentive to human wants and needs.

Why Singularious is the perfect partner ?

An Arious Conscious City project stands to benefit uniquely from the convergent application of AI services to realize vivid urban visions.

Singularious is a partner capable of designing cities that attract global clientele and installing conscious infrastructural foundations that inspire popularity and long-term residency.

Conscious Steps


The Conscious Path

The Approach: AI R&D Labs Connecting Communities

Rotating teams of domain experts spanning diverse fields, from technology to art, fostering continuous innovation to push the boundaries of the possibilities in working with educational, community, cultural and professional sectors.

Singularious AI Members

Local AI Team

Our Partner Teams

Dubai Universities and Community Outreach

Visiting Experts and Scholars

The AI Technologies for Conscious Cities

Ongoing development of OpenCog Hyperon.

Multiple unique AI Modules.

Module Integration and Testing.

Working together Harmoniously via Cognitive Synergy.

Economic Attention Allocation controls resource use.

Neurosymbolic technologies.

Algorithmic Integration and Algorithmic Chemistry in the advancement of computational creativity.

Total Integration within the AI Lab



IoT Sensor

The Edge: Infusing Consciousness

Systemic interconnectivity creates a truly emergent Self Aware City that Humanizes Technology.

Measured via Integrated Information Theory (IIT).

Tool to guide development of better performing and more Intelligent AI Services.

A detailed, complex system based upon Neuroscience Research.

Whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Phi score based on the Number and Quality of Interconnections, describes how Consciousness Behaves and is organized.

Useful for the parameter-tuning of complex Dynamical Systems.

Leads to Improved Cooperation, both within and among various Complex System Components.

Enables active Homeostatic Maintenance of overall system health.

Facilitates Holistic urban value optimization.

Encourage Self-organizing Emergence of High-level Network structures and complex ‘Organisms’.

Use Case of the Arious Conscious City

See how the Conscious City will help make your life more easy and automated. Know the use case of the Conscious City and see how AI and Machine Learning can be used for a better life.

Know more about the use case

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.

The Arious Conscious City is a unique vision that will fundamentally transform urban living and uplift humanity.

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