The OS: Blockchain - the underlying fabric of the city

Our own proprietary blockchain will tie everything together




Smart contracts written in the functional programming language, offering a maximally secure and reliable foundation for financial and non-financial transactions.

Structurally low transaction costs keep the network accessible to all.

Interoperability of data and privacy are managed with decentralized identity solution.

Our in house PoS method offers high scalability and fast finality in an environmentally friendly way.

The Safety: Blockchain Cybersecurity

Digital security is of paramount importance for the safety and protection of our Arious Conscious City and its inhabitants. The Singularious technology team will implement the world’s leading security solutions, designed to scale massively in a secure manner.

Combining behavioural psychology and economic philosophy to ensure the security and sustainability of the blockchains that depend upon it.

Facilitating the propagation of global, permission-less networks with minimal energy requirements.

Using homomorphic encryption, thereby guarding the data of the city.

The Safety: Blockchain Cybersecurity

Data Sovereignty

Secure Edge Devices

Decentralized Storage

Decentralized Identity